79% of Women Think Face Care Matters More Than Body Skin Care

But here’s why it’s time to think differently.

79% of women think a face care routine is more important than a body skin care routine.*
*Edelman Berland Survey 2014.
In reality, any skin anywhere on your body can become dry and look unhealthy. Though your face is what you show to the world, other body parts are just as likely to experience moisture loss and damage. To have truly healthy looking skin, it’s important to practice good skin care everywhere. It’s your first line of defence against the outside world.
79% of Women Think Face Care Matters More Than Body Skin Care
When it comes to body care, here are a few particular areas to keep in mind:
  • Your Elbows
    Your Elbows
    They’re one of your most-used, most-exposed body parts. Elbows bend and lean and prop you up constantly throughout the day. All of this motion contributes to thick, dry skin that can become scaly and discoloured. To help prevent the damage, first give the skin a light cleansing, then moisturise as part of a body care routine. Do this regularly for healthier looking elbows.
  • Your Hands
    Your Hands
    Our hands are always exposed and we use them to perform many daily tasks. Hand skin is very thin—thinner than the skin on your face—and it’s one of the first body parts to reveal signs of aging. Dry environments play a role, but frequent hand-washing (especially with hot water) will also weaken your skin’s protective lipid layer and reduce its ability to retain moisture.
  • Your Knees
    Your Knees
    Like your elbows, your knees bend constantly and are often exposed to the air (depending on the season). The skin on your knees is strong but it’s often affected by the same dryness, scaliness and discolouration that affect elbows. The same body skin care routine you use for your elbows will also work for your knees: mild cleansing, followed by moisturising.
Take care of your face, but remember that when it comes to healthy looking skin, it’s important to care for your entire body.